MXQ Pro TV Box REVIEW – Amlogic S905, Android 5.1 What's going on Youtube, I'm Alex and today im bringing you the review of the MXQ TV Box This box has the Amlogic s905 inside and it's running Android 5.1 let's check out what comes in the box and see how the box performs the tv box comes in this particular box, on the front we just have a picture of the box itself, some information about the box right here at the bottom, it can play 4k videos and on the back some more information about it the description is translated from Chinese and it doesn't sound that great.


Inside the box we get a HDMI

Inside the box we get a HDMI cable the power adapter and the remote. I do suggest using a mouse with this tv box for a much better experience. Aside from that we just get the manual, it's a very basic manual and if you ever used an Android device before you should't have to read it The box is made out of plastic entirely and on the front we just have the MXQ Pro and the 4K logo bottom of the box is also made of plastic and on corners of the box we have some type or rubber. the box doesn't slide. on the back of the box we just have the power adapter plug the Enthernet port, the HDMI output , the AV and SPDIF. The SPDIF basically it's the output line that sends digitalized audio to a digital amplifier and next to that we have the USB 4 port on the right hand side of the box here three other USB ports and the memory card slot even though you cannot see this at this time there is a led right in the center that turns blue or red depending if the box is on or off For this review i am gonna be using the remote that came with the box it's a very simple remote and deserve said before for a better experience I do suggest using wireless mouse and I'm also using a wireless mouse. I am gonna go ahead and plug in the box so you can see boot up animation and we see the MXQ Pro right there if you just shut off the box from the power button and you don't unplug it and plug it this time so I plugged it back in it actually goes into a standby mode so when you turn it on takes like a second or so to start and like most MX boxes it's using this particular Launcher, it's an ok Launcher, I mean if you want you can install a different one. one that's gonna be simpler it really depends what you like. So, im gonna start by going to settings so you have an idea what's in the settings app. Currently i have the box connected with the cable to the internet so I can use the WiFi or the enthernet the display im just gonna show you what the screen resolution is i am maximum resolution for my TV so it's this one right here; you can position the screen of course, zoom it in, zoom it out so it fits the screen.

If we go in about sound here you can select what you would like like the output for digital sound. For storage im gonna show you the available space left after the operating system is 4.8 gigs. keep in mind that you can install an sd card to increase the storage if we're going into about we can see the devices name, the mxq pro version of those software that the device is using, so its Android 5.1.1. I will show you what languages are available so I'm just gonna scroll thru them so hopefully see the one you're looking for things just get myself a station I have it set off two more settings basically get like the Settings app that you see on a tablet or phone better understanding words being used and whatnot so is the card or external hard drive and so on so getting back to the launcher at the bottom here you can hardly any aptitude likes you press the + here and then you can just select whatever absolute be down there for example if you want this oil just click on it as well over 80 having more space for example if I they this one off from there I can at this time and so on so on the bottom you'll just add whatever perhaps you'd like for this online video here you can basically any of the two lights so this song for example these strong you are whatever you feel like a shortcut that you can use so you do that and all the absolute sure they're gonna shoot companies get the browser Chrome I told myself that this cloud haven't actually used the first time I'm using this cloud DVR I tend not to use so many so many change is so freakin let's see what we have available for free content so Cartoon Network let's see if this works this is an app for some lines dreaming of marcia gets the streams and so on however it doesn't work that good so I haven't actually used any of these absurd come on the box like this close to be bought from the File Browser basically whatever you have on the books on USB sticks would show up here is the local this you can see whatever you have installed what follows you have and what not right here or on Facebook installers world the place to be sleepy of the place where you can now like the place for seems to work very well to get the YouTube as well as I'm sure anyways of shoes P test results so wifi I was able to get this speed on connexion dispute my internet connection is not the fastest orders so that's why the results are any higher I haven't had any issues the wifi connection at all games have an idea how the boss does M game works very very well games go on this particular book so I want to show you how it works so three stole the whole show them some gonna shoot Adams three week there are quite a few I'm not a big fan of Cody myself does take quite a while working meetings and so on just putting time into it that's just me gonna play so this is just an idea does it it doesn't go very smoothly I have a couple of other apps freeze tolerance is not closed so ever made up of three year old bunch of movies TV shows and whatnot and it's very very easy to use a bit of this so you see how it goes the Showbox who's basically kind of the same has a couple of other different shows in the zone so it depends what to look for and what you wanna see all just a bit of this one 720p the maximum resolution for this particular apps too low depending on your connection speed of course just playing this way of an idea how goes basically the movie ahd the same public gatherings I am in the UK for the moment of monopoly on the sound for videos and movies just for copyright issues and so the maximum quality are going to be able to get it 720p a lot of these Chinese box have issues with the YouTube app so it's not the actual Chinese the YouTube app that doesn't allow them to see a 1080p as you can tell the video is extremely smooth there are no issues with the YouTube is slow I will score for this party reports see some information about the pork sword operating system the CPU speed and memory left so I'm gonna run the benchmark test bench 360 93 usually about this for a bit lower for the allergy is 905 you can see some more information about the test so this is a normal score for this type of processor arrived a couple of people here so this right here it's made by 905 and it's a four key I'm not sure if it's the first time playing you try to explain this is a very short video but just out of curiosity to see if it actually does well the box that they can now play for keeping this is for a veto 905 this is a 720p video I'm just gonna play a couple of seconds of it goes have had any crash seems to be optimized for it thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe


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