Mia Khalifa | Where Are They Now? | Retired & Married After Mia Khalifa would become the top entertainer on Pornhub in 2015 and the most searched for adult entertainer in 2016 and 2017 on Xhamster After Mia Khalifa would receive death threats from people all over the world who felt she was dishonouring her Lebanese culture and heritage After Mia Khalifa would retire from the adult entertainment industry after just 3 months, and grow an online following of over 16 million on instagram, over 2 million on Twitter and over 400 thousand on Twitch.


After Mia Khalifa would inspire two songs

Titled with her name, one praising her and one, well, it was a diss track Mia Khalifa’s rise to the top of the adult entertainment industry happened almost over night. After only pursuing a career in the industry for 3 months, she quickly took the world by storm with her infamous video portraying a woman wearing a hijab doing the dirty. This would spark outrage and even see Mia receiving death threats, even though she meant no harm by it. Mia would pursue other ventures such as live streaming, hosting sports shows, and having partnerships with brands, starting her own app, as well as launching her own clothing brand.

Girls a true entrepreneur. We’re here to tell you guys all about what Mia Khalifa’s been up to since her unfortunate departure from the adult entertainment industry. Did I say unfortunate ? I meant, na it’s just unfortunate. I mean you can only film so much in 3 months. What’s going on guys Jarred Bronstein here today and I’m actually getting some help from my boy Jermey out in LA.

It’s our first collab together and lemme tell ya, I’m excited to see how it turns out. Jeremy walked the streets of LA asking people what they think Mia is up to and lemme tell ya, some of the answers had me on the floor. Be sure to check out some of our other videos we’ve done on Designer and Tekashi 69, and also drop a comment below with who we should cover next. Now before we roll that intro our trivia question today, Why did Mia have to get reconstructive surgery on one of her breasts? You guys gotta let me know in the comments below, Ill have that answer for ya at the end of this one.

Mia Khalifa was born on February 10th, 1993 in Beirut, Lebanon. She would move to the United States in 2001, more specifically Montgomery County, Maryland, with her family, which would in turn be the start of her love for DC sports teams. And its no coincidence that I’m wearing an eagles shirt for this video, because go birds. Mia would move to Texas to attend the University of Texas at El Paso and would graduate with a bachelor of Arts degree in history. Unfortunately like most graduates these days, she had a tough time finding a job in her field, so she would resort to bartending, and modelling to pay the bills.

She would also work on a local spanish TV game show as a brief case girl, similar to that in deal or no deal. But following her graduation Mia would move to Miami and would one day be approached by man who told her if she’d ever be interested in nude modelling, to give him a call. She took the call and, well that would be the start of her career.

So what’s she doing now? Well before I fill you guys in, let’s find out what the people of LA think, handing it over to you Jermey. Thanks for that Jermey, well there you have it folks.

The people of LA. Since retiring from the adult entertainment industry Mia Khalifa has actually been quite a busy girl.

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