5 Things Google Home Can Do what's going on everyone Mites here with mtech and do you guys think you know all the commands that the Google home mini can do? I'm thinking the answer to that is no because there's a lot of commands out there that they just don't advertise like the fact that you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, I made a separate video about that and there's quite a few people that just didn't know you could do that.


I'll link the video up here and in the description below if you guys are interested in that one but today I have for you guys five all new things that the Google home mini can do that I think most people don't know about but are pretty cool so let's get started alright so starting off the number one we have Google homes newest ability and that is setting music alarms so this one's super simple to use you just have to say set a music alarm at whatever time to whatever music so it goes like this set a music alarm sure when's the alarm for five minutes from now sure in what music would you like me to play Kendrick Lamar there.

I'll play Kendrick Lamar music for 2:32 p.m. there we go so let's see if we can get through all the rest of these before that alarm goes off. Next up we have at number two we have another music-ish related item and that's playing relaxing sounds so this is something I recently discovered and it's pretty awesome so if you're someone who has trouble falling asleep or would like to meditate or just someone who wants some background noise while doing tasks you can ask Google home to play some relaxing sounds for you there's a whole bunch of different sounds to choose from and I'll leave a list in the description for you guys but I'm partial to the fireplace sounds and thunderstorm sounds so the way you activate it is just by saying play whatever sounds so, *ok google* play thunderstorm sounds this is the sound of a thunderstorm *ok google* stop *ok google* play fireplace sounds here's what a fireplace sounds like stop so there you have it this is a pretty cool one that I just discovered recently and yeah it seems pretty useful if you guys have trouble falling asleep and number three we have a new thing where you can do two commands at once so this is done simply by just using the word "and" or the word "then".


I mainly use this in kitchen setting timers if I had to send multiple timers at the same time I'll go ahead and say with the word and or when I'm about to play music and I want to specify the volume before it starts playing like it with or if I know it's gonna be too loud I want to turn it down or vice versa so you do this by simply saying the word and so *ok google* play Kendrick Lamar and turn the volume to 100% okay playing songs by Kendrick Lamar from your google play music library *ok google* stop so there you go that saves you a lot of time activating it once again with the hot word so I find a little annoying to say okay Google and this way you don't have to say it twice you can just say it's a one-time and it's good and at number four we have something that's gonna actually require you to have more than one Google home it's not an absolute requirement but it is very beneficial if you have more than one and it's broadcasting so what broadcasting is is a way to use your Google homes together as an intercom system so you just say broadcast and followed by your message and it'll just broadcast it throughout your house excluding the one you're speaking to so this is really cool because you can tell someone else in another room you know whatever you have to say so if you have Google assistant on your phone you can also do this from your phone so I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys how to do it from my phone right here so I'm just gonna hit I'm gonna activate Google assistant say broadcast hello in addition to just broadcasting those normal things it has a couple of cool ones so you can do this broadcast I'm home hey there has arrived so it's pretty nice another one it can do actually is broadcast breakfast is ready it's time for breakfast come and get it so it's a pretty delightful little feature that you can have and finally at number five we have another one that requires more than one Google home or a Google home and a cast device so right here I have my vizio speaker and I'm gonna use it together with this to play music together so so at number 5 we have creating audio groups inside of home so you can play the same music throughout your entire house so the way this works is you have to set up a group inside of the Google home app and I'll show you guys how to do that right now ok so the way you set up a Google home audio group is by opening up the Google home app for Android or iOS you click the top right button right here it's to take you to your devices it's a little tiny icon right there and then you see all your devices right there and then you got to click on one of these three little dots next to one of those devices and then there's an option to create a group click on that it'll take you to the option where you can select which devices you want to include in that group I'm just gonna go ahead and include both of those devices you get to name the group I'm just gonna keep a home group and hit save and it will save your group might take a second or two and there you go so it is saved I know it doesn't show up here immediately but it is saved and I found that if you wait a little bit it'll come back into it so let me go ahead and try to going back into the app go back to devices and there you go you can see the home group is right there so now I just need to talk to Google home and ask it to play using the home group like this and once that's done all you have to do is say play Kendrick Lamar on home group ok here are songs by Kendrick Lamar from your google play music library and they'll play from both speakers so let me show you guys if I turn this down you can still hear it's gone now playing for the vizio speaker whereas if I turn the videos people I turn the video speaker down and turn this one up I think you see it's playing from both stop and there you go so that's how you use that so those are my five tips for using Google home trying to get the most out of it hey I'm actually get through it before the alarm went off which is kind of Awesome a few moments later waiting for the alarm to go off waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting for the alarm eventually and there you have it I think that's the music starting I don't know what song it specifically but there you go stop and there you have it that's how you set a music alarm and that's what it sounds like when it goes off you might want to specify a song specifically if you're interested but it can work with just a general artists name too so there you guys go hopefully a few of those commands are new for you guys and you guys can try them out if you guys think there's any commands I didn't cover that you guys know about that you think other people don't go ahead and leave a comment down below and as always don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to see more videos like this but that's pretty much all I have for you guys I'll see you guys the next one bye.


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