Nigga like, come in nigga be the master at a table.” You know what I’m saying, like come in and really demand your respect. When you’re in the Maybach, you know nobody can’t see in and you just moving through the city, floating. You can recline and really just do anything really.


It’s really a little mini office. It’s a time where you can reflect and really think about a lot of this shit. They call me Little Bird in my hood. Bird is my big homie. Bird took me in when I ain’t really have nothing. Showed me the ropes of life, like kind of what my pops and shit. I felt like Bird vision is just more of like just seeing into a birds eye view.


Almost like just seeing into the future and what we can make this shit and what we did Even right there, that’s like a unity line. You know what I’m saying. Whoever we come across with the great energy and with the good vibes, we fucking with you, We don’t you know what I’m saying, we’re not dealing in that anymore we got to be more We lost a brother like, really to some bullshit. When do we sit back and really just try to make a difference in what we doing. Not who knew for me, but who knew for y’all. Because I’m the nigga, I knew I was the man.

But it was like y’all didn’t know

I had the Patek on, I took all my jewelery off because I just, sometimes I like to be free and shit like that. But the AP was actually one of the first bust downs I got. It was white and rose gold AP. It’s almost like, we’re in traffic now. You see me and my shit and you swerve back because you see what I’m whipping in now. Always stay the course of what you got going on.

Always keeps a pure heart even regardless of whatever is going on around you. A dojo is where a sensei teaches his students. It’s like dough, like money. Like I’m trying to get the dough-jo like a sensei.

So it’s like if you’re a sensei, you need a dojo. So I’m trying to get a dojo. I mean first of all we should say, free Cholo. You know what I’m saying. He is currently fighting his cases and stuff like that and I’m 100% behind him, supporting him, trying to get him out of his situation.

I just know that it’s no game. You know what I’m saying. You have to hold onto hopes of people that are pushing on in life and you gotta hold onto them hopes at the same time provide for your family while you’re behind bars. Like it could be crazy. If you ain’t been through it, felt it, or understood it like don’t speak on it. Niggas talk about it but we live it. Like the shit we go through is real.

The shit we done experienced is real shit, so it’s like if you ain’t really cut from that, don’t talk about it. I remember I used to say everyday like, “man I’m gonna be a millionaire by 21.” Now I sit back and be like “nigga what a hundred million everyday.” I don’t want to say like a limit or I really just want to be wealthy healthy and really just more knowledgeable in life. If I wake up and just got 40 on me, I might slide in Barney’s.

Man let me just go ahead and cop this cop that, cop this cop that. But I know, boom I’m going to Genius this morning. I came straight from the crib so I’m going to Genius I’ma go and I’m gonna come back If I got money on me, I might slide somewhere and do some shit I ain’t supposed to be



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