I’m an Elliante boy now so I don’t need no flash. I don’t need no lights no nothing. If I walk in the darkest room, if it’s a small little light coming out the creek you gonna see it in the diamonds. Ballin’ was made in the beginning of my career when Die Young had first came out.


I made a song with Mustard

At the time, it wasn’t no album talk or nothing. It was just “let’s just do some songs and shit” you know what I’m saying? And just see what we can do. Because we had never been in the studio before so we didn’t know if I was going to fuck with the vibe or if he was going to fuck with the vibe or anything so it was just like “let’s see what we whip.” And once we whipped that shit was just crazy. He held that motherfucker for like a year.

I’m not even gonna play, he kept that in the vault for a year and really was just like “this gonna be one the ones, I gotta put this shit out.” Soon as they hear that sample in the beginning, people listen and they be like “oh shit. This Ballin’” and they go crazy. They start screaming and shit or they start singing the hook before I even sing it. And then when that shit come on, I ain’t gotta, I ain’t gotta sing that shit. A Forgi, is a Forgiatto rim. Mustard is a big fan of the Forgis.

All his whips Forgi’d out, so it’s like it was only right. I actually was driving a Jeep on Forgiattos at the time, which is why I wrote that shit. It could simply mean, shit you trapping shit go bad and you walking through puddles of At the same time we could be talking about trapping until you got red bottoms on. It’s just all about your perspective and however you want to take it. I don’t even go to the mall no more like I’ll send my partners to go. He like “oh I want to go cop some shoes.” He going to go do his own little shopping, I’ll give him my little money I want to spend man, “if you see something you know I like just get it.” Cause I don’t even like being out like that no more.

You know what I’m saying so. I be having my partners cop my shit. Like shit, I trust you with the drip.

I ain’t even gonna lie 

Rest in Pease Hussle. I used to call him all the time, never answers.

So I used to be like “why you don’t answer?” His shit on do not disturb. If he calling you back, you important. And I kind just admired that way and I was like fuck, I’m gonna put my shit on do not If somebody important to me, they gonna know because I’m gonna call them back. You can’t be mad at me because I been chasing this shit. I been chasing my lifestyle right now like I been chasing what I knew I was gonna be.

Flying PJs doing everything a nigga really want to do. Having that jewelry tucked in the vault. Having that money, I been waking up to do this. I be talking about the Yaahjects all the time. What a lot of people don’t know, that that’s like the only project in Compton. Where I’m from it’s called the New Wilmington Arms.

I had them tattoo the arms on me and I always said like the reason why I got the Arms tatted on me is because I want people to always remember that where I’m from and I wanted to always know that like I kept where I’m from with me. I always showed Nip love because it was like he just showed us something different. If you didn’t have access to understand what Jay-Z knew, Nipsey was the LA nigga that would tell you like, “bro own your own shit.

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