Habit number six is to drink more water. So in particular, eight cups of water a day. Now I've got this huge vat of water that I carry around with me when I'm working from home at the moment and it just means that whenever I get free a bit of time I just have a sip out of this cup and I can monitor how much water I'm drinking throughout the day it will have an insane benefit on again your mental health and your physical health try it for a week, I'll set you a challenge try just drinking eight cups of water every day for a week it can be three cups in the morning three cups in the afternoon and two at night see how it goes I promise you you'll get some incredible benefits from it.

Habit number 7 is to regularly clear out the clutter in your life. So if you're like me you've probably got clothes in your wardrobe that have been there for a year that you just haven't worn so as a general rule of thumb if it's been in there for a year you can probably chuck it out, sell it, or take it to the charity shop, and the same goes for your emails, have a look at your emails. Any old emails either delete them or file them into an archive folder to get that all neatened up and the same goes for the crap that we have in our car so if you've got a lot of rubbish in your car then do a clear out and regularly keep an eye on all this stuff – on your emails, on your wardrobe, on your paperwork, and on your car, to make sure that it's all in order and it's all up to date and that everything's filed into the relevant folders or into relevant places or you've gotten rid of all those things that you don't need anymore because it's going to give you the clarity then to move forward in your life.

How i did it

And the final habit is to create a to-do list every single morning for those things that you want to achieve by the end of that day. Now I've got a three-step plan that you can follow in terms of your long-term goals and how to set them and I'll leave a link to that but this is around a to-do list of the things you need to get done for today in particular so always have a plan of what you want to be doing on that day it's the only way you'll actually achieve those things. As always guys thank you so much, genuinely, for watching this video. I've been overwhelmed with the support we've got so far and if you guys need anything from me at all please leave a comment down below or you can send me a DM. I will always respond to you guys and if you could share this video, or subscribe, or even at the very minimum just like it I'll be so grateful and it would allow me to get this out to more people.

So thank you so much guys and I wish you all the very best have a great productive day and a fantastic week, all the best guys, take care



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