Habits for happiness 2020 | 8 productive habits you can do in lockdown & after to be happier hey guys hope you're well I hope you've had a really productive week this week today I thought I'd do a video on eight habits that we can all implement from today to get more out of life and to be happier people so check it out.


Number one is to go for a 30 minute walk every single day without fail, and this is going to have a huge impact on both your mental health and your physical health, so explore the local area aim for some hills to burn those extra calories, pick up a pace, and if you don't have anybody to walk and talk with then put in some earphones and listen to some music or something that I've recently been doing is listening to an app called pod bean which produce podcasts and you can listen to these podcasts completely free so I'll leave a link down below to them, check them out it just allows you to do something productive whilst you're doing your exercise. Now habit number two is something that many many people struggle with across the modern world and that is getting that seven to eight hours of recommended sleep every single night.

So we all set an alarm in the morning to wake us up but something that I recommend you do is to set an alarm at night as well, and set an alarm one hour before you want to go to sleep and when that alarm goes off you get rid of all screens – you don't look at your phone you don't look at the TV, instead you pick up a book or you have a nice warm bath, or you go and talk to friends and family so you haven't got that blue light coming into your eyes. You can also set a dark mode on your phone or a blue light filter which will help you to get rid of all that harsh light into your eyes and hopefully help you to fall asleep a bit easier Habit number three is the easiest one to implement on the list and it's something we should all be doing, there's no excuse for this one, and that's to take a multivitamin tablet every single morning with your breakfast, with a glass of water, so we all tend to get the macro nutrients that we need: proteins, carbohydrates and fats but we don't necessarily get all the micronutrients, so the minerals and the vitamins that our body also needs. When I was younger I had a real fatigue problem.

I was falling asleep as soon as I got home from college, and this continued when I got into work. So I went to my doctor and they run some blood tests and found out I was actually deficient in vitamin D. I didn't realise how huge an impact 1 vitamin could have on my life – it was literally making me fall asleep and miss the gym, and missing out seeing my friends, so I really can't stress enough how important it is to get those vitamins into your diet. Habit number four is to enroll in an online course and then stick it out until the end. So you could learn something like an employable skills such as marketing and coding or you could go down the route of looking at something you're passionate about so that could be learning how to play guitar or learning a language so when you go abroad you can speak the native language. Now if you're going to learn a language, duolingo is one of the best apps out there and I'll a leave a link down below check it out it's just a fun interactive app where you can learn how to speak a number of languages. Habit number five is to read books.

Books are so underrated

When you think about it, a book is a person's entire lifetime of learning condensed into something that you can read in the space of a week or a month and if you physically don't want to read books you can always listen to an audiobook now something I've subscribed to lately is something called audible, I'll leave a link down below it's a subscription-based app where you can listen to a ton of books and I've been doing that when I've been walking, cooking food or when I've been working out so you can be productive on the go.

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