Like, I love fist fighting. Never heard another rapper, I think, use a Transformer bar, but, you know, or at least not one, you know, involving the AllSpark. Plus, I've always been, like, a huge fan of Transformers. When I was younger I used to call myself Hot Shot 'cause that was my favorite Transformer.

The AllSpark was that glowing box in bro chest, and when you shoot a gun for mad long it start glowin' too, so you know, autobot choppers they spark a lot.


So I mix and master all my own music, so when I was freestylin' I said fake, but I sounded like I could've said a bunch of things. So intentionally I put that beep sound over it to kinda leave it up to the listener and see what other people were gonna think or think that I said, you know? And then I saw James Charles react to it, and first I said fake, but it's cool that seeing that if, I'm assuming he assumed that I said something else maybe, but he reacted to it super positively and made the funniest TikTok. I think back to the music that I used to listen to. I used to listen to a lot of Tyler the Creator, Eminem. You know, I know music in the scene is a lot different now, especially the way Twitter is, but I figured that if you've been around in my community or know me well enough or just been watching or following my career in any situation I perform, I'm not with, like, the slurrers type shit.

I gotta be relatively sensitive to a lot things, but I'm gonna, like, necessarily change the way that I rap. As long as I'm not, like, sayin' some crazy, like, out of pocket shit, like, you know what I mean? Shout out bro Josiah 'cause it's crazy.

Me and him were in the studio one time and we were the only people that knew that song. This song has barely any views on YouTube, too. It's called Can I Get Open by Original Flavor and Jay-Z. And if you listen to that song that you know that Jay-Z hits this crazy stupid fast flow that you would've never expect to come out of him.

I think it's when he was still influenced by L. That's the first time I ever heard, like, a super fast flow that, like, I was, like, obsessed with. And from there I started, like, learnin' from him and the people like Busta Rhymes, Twisted Insane, Eminem, you know? No, I didn't think about bleeping that one because that type of bar is used in hip hop really frequently. It's almost like a filler bar, you know what I mean? So I wasn't, you know, too concerned about that one. If you've been around, you know my intentions, you know the type of person I am, then you're not gonna be worried about it because that's not the type of person I am to just throw shade like that.

As of recently I realized it's really really stupid. Like, I'm not into jewelry. I like clothes more. Back then I used to talk with Cliiiff, you know?

My producer, you know, one of my best friends, we used to talk about getting, like, chains for the group and all kinds of stuff like that. But, you know, we're still into that idea, but like now we're like super into, like, clothes.



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