⚡🎵 DOWNLOAD SPOTIFY PREMIUM ✅ | NO ADS – 2019 🎵⚡ *Salutes* SUBSCRIBE TO GET SALUTED IN NEXT TUTORIALS. Hello guys, welcome to a new tutorial Today we´re gonna see how to download Spotify with no ads As most of you know, Spotify has very annoying ads in it´s Free Version They appear when you´re listening some songs You´ll get rid of all ads and you´ll have some Premium advantages. (Not all) And it´s perfectly usable You don´t need to be premium paid to enjoy Spotify, with this metod you´ll enjoy it VERY IMPORTANT TO STAY UNTIL THE VIDEO ENDS.


IT´S VERY IMPORTANT, because im gonna show how to fix an issue you´ll have. I mean, there´s no way to not have this issue, and im gonna show you how to solve it. The issue is when you´re trying to listen a song or to add it to your playlist but it do not shows , like if it doesn´t exist.

If this didn´t happened before to you better listen to me and if it happened to you, same. First of all go to the description download link. It will be MEGA,GOOGLE DRIVE… Whatever… Im gonna give you more than 1 just in case.

So you just click the download button, it´s a very light file, it will take a second to download it Well, we´ll have it in our desktop Very easy, right-click and extract here And you have a password that will be in the description too The password is "Tutos Conan YT" You type it and it will extract… If you type a wrong password check if it´s not correct or if it doesn´t work then write a comment. Ok, it will give you this folder, enter and install Spotify. You don´t need to "Start as admin", it won´t do nothing But if you want to you can do it… Well, now just register if you don´t have an account or you can log in, even if you have used an account that has been always free.

It doesn´t care, you can log in…

Let´s register: You need to type your e-mail "Something@something.com". The password "Something". -How we should call you- You just type a name , in my case it would be "Tutos Conan".

Aand, birth date: whatever Ex: 22 February… I actually have an account, so im gonna log in… Here in the log in page you add your e-mail… *Huge keyboard smashing* …and my password.

Then we´re gonna log in… And that´s Spotify. That´s the Spotify you have.

And well, as you can see it works…


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